Most Common Myths about Professional 4x4 Repair Debunked

Often, when a vehicle starts causing trouble, you should take it to the mechanic. However, even that might not give you the solution you are looking for. Some may end up causing more problems than before. Others may charge you exceptionally high for the simplest of tasks performed. This leads you to thinking that professional 4×4 repair shops are untrustworthy, undependable, and unreliable, which isn’t exactly true just like these common myths below:

Myth #1: Professional 4×4 Repair & Maintenance Schedules Are Unnecessary

Many people believe that 4×4 repairing shops only suggest a specific car maintenance schedule in order for you to get back and spend more money. This isn’t true of course. As some repair shops try swindling you, sticking to professional 4×4 repair is a safe option. However, at the same time keep in mind that automobiles go through daily wear and tear. Parts may require replacement and repairing. Without maintenance schedules, you may never know what part is  causing harm to your engine and mechanical components. Maintenance schedules ensure your car runs perfectly and you stay on the road safe and worry free!

Myth #2: Professional 4×4 Repair Experts Suggest Extra Work

Most people have the misconception that 4×4 repair shops suggest “extra” work, so that you can spend more money and they can gain better profits. Bear in mind though that if an auto repair shop doesn’t inform you about potential or arising issues, they are actually doing you a great disservice. Professional 4×4 repair shops will examine your vehicle thoroughly and give you a comprehensive analysis regarding the condition of your parts and components. If there is any potential issue, they will identify and let you know. The rest is up to you to get the repairs done or not.

Myth #3: Professional 4×4 Repair Shops Should Give Repair Estimates on the Phone

This is a common misconception that shops can give you accurate auto repair estimates over the phone, without inspecting your vehicle. In reality though, there is no possible way for a professional 4×4 repair shop to give you price estimates on the phone. There is a reason why your vehicle is examined via a computerized check, visual scan, and mechanical scan. Over the phone, nobody can diagnose the problem of your vehicle and give you an accurate recommendation, or quote. Therefore, beware of companies that try cheating you to get your business. They will eventually charge more money.

Myth #4: All Professional 4×4 Repair Shops Are the Same

Do you get the same food from every restaurant? Does every brand sell the same quality of products? Of course not! The quality varies from shop to shop, especially in terms of labor. While some may have a strong team that can easily fix any impending or existing issue with your 4×4 vehicle, other’s may spend more time and offer poor quality repair. The primary responsibility of acquiring good service is based on your ability of finding the “right” repair company.


Posted by admin on June 1, 2017