Most Common Types of 4WD Repairs

Anyone who has ever owned a 4WD knows that car repairs definitely do not come CHEAP. In this technological age, cars are so advanced and come equipped with a range of modern infotainment and safety features that could malfunction, causing the vehicle to give problems in overall fuel-efficiency, performance, or most importantly SAFETY. While considering all the advantages of a new 4WD, you should at some point think about the maintenance/repair costs that will arise. The most common types of auto repairs include:

1.      Replacement of Tires

While this may not exactly be a repair, but replacement of tires definitely does come under vehicle maintenance. The average set of tires only has the capability of lasting from two to four good years, after which it is essential for you to get them replaced. A good set of tires can cost anywhere from $400 to $600 with larger tires or 4WD tires costing mores. Damaged rims from hitting curbs, or landing on potholes is also a common auto repair problem that does not come cheap.

2.      Brake Issues

The brakes are without doubt an essential component of your car and require great maintenance. Braking issues can be caused by numerous factors, but the most common include worn out brake pads and discs. This may require you to visit an auto repair shop and have the front and rear brakes replaced with newer ones. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, this repairing and replacement could reach into the thousands. Most cars will require a new set of brake pads after every 40,000 miles or above.

3.      Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Like any advanced technology, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) do prove to be incredibly helpful in alerting drivers. This system in particular, as the name implies, helps in providing accurate data on the tire pressure. Common repairs include issue with the sensor, as if the light comes on for no reason it is usually a sensor problem. The sensor itself can cost around $100 or more, depending on the type of vehicle you own.

4.      Battery Replacements

Most car batteries are designed for lasting only 4 to 6 years, after which it is crucial for car owners to have them replaced. Unlike other vehicle parts and components, batteries just tend to quit working without any warning. This is one of the main reasons why it is advised to always check your battery light or visit an automotive mechanic to have it checked once in the might.

5.      Suspension Components

Similar to other vehicle components, the suspension parts also tend to wear out after tens of thousands of miles or weaken after absorbing too many bumps and potholes while travelling. A suspension system does not just involve struts and shocks, but consists of various smaller pieces that can wear out or even break. These include bearings, ends, tie-rods, and bushings.

Other common auto repairs include replacement of ignition coils, engine coolant temperature sensor, spark plugs, mass airflow sensor, loose fuel caps, air conditioning recharges, etc.


Posted by admin on December 1, 2016